I'm loving this program but it needs an isolate button

I’m going to write a more lengthy comment soon about how much I love this programme and it’s super streamlined UI and workflow philosophy, which, I assume, derives from it being originally a tablet ap, but that’s going to go on for pages, for now, can I ask if there is going to be an ‘isolate’ button added? It’s one thing that’s bumping my workflow, as my scene gets larger and larger, I want to just select a bunch of objects, hit a little eye icon and have everything else hidden until I want it back. That would allow you to easily pick an area of detail to work on, and temporarily hide all the other clutter. Max has one and I use it constantly. I know you are very careful not to clutter the interface, but that would seem like a vastly useful feature

unless you already have it and I can’t find it, in which case I apologize in advance for being an idiot


Hi peteCdesign! We’re actually in the process of understanding the need for such a functionality better. Could you give us some concrete examples of cases where you needed this. Photos/videos would help a lot. You can post them here or just send me directly to balint.zsiga@shapr3d.com.

Cadmio already have a nice isolaton feature. You can isolate folders or bodies and it works pretty well.

I also came across this as an issue on Shapr3d when working on this exat model where the Isolation feature would have come in handy. I focused on editet a smaller part, but I had by accident also selected another part or face out of view when drag to select. So I endet up destroying the model either by moving a face by mistake or deleting parts. Luckily i was able to restore it with the back putton and an earlier exportet step file.

Editing parts that are inside or skewed by another model is also when Isolation could come in handy.


I’m in the process of working up a pipeline, I’m going to model in parametric, bring into max and rarefy, re-smooth, then texture in substance and bring into Unreal engine. I’m building model assets now, anticipating the release of unreal 5 and it’s lumen lighting system. So far, everything’s working great. But if you’re asking for an example of what I’m talking about, see that boxy thing protruding from the panel in the middle? I’d love to be able to select it, hit some eye icon bottom right and hide everything but it. Then I could work on it, get it all hyper-detailed and sexy, then bring back my main scene. Then pick another area I want to work on, and isolate it. I’m going to write a full post on how impressed I am with shapr3d, I really love it, I’m just noting the stuff that’s ‘bumping’ me, stopping smooth workflow, in the hopes that my feedback is useful. I believe shapr could be a killer designer/dev app, it really is great


Another use case: exporting (for 3D printing) a subset of bodies from an assembly of many. Currently the only way to do this is to painstakingly select and hide everything you don’t want to print. There isn’t even a “Hide All”!

An “Export Selection” command would suffice for this specific case, but the beauty of having a robust set of primitive operations is that users can compose them into workflows (select > isolate > export) without needing a specialized command for every possible scenario. Hide/Show All and Isolate would simplify an enormous number of workflows. Any command at all that operates on a selection is easier to use when you can hide the stuff you don’t want to select! This is not something you need to do user research to understand.

Shapr3D is great but it’s missing a ton of obvious primitives like this that are present in essentially all other comparable apps. It’s a bit disappointing that we need to justify them to you with examples. They should just simply be there. Similarly, copying a sketch or body from one file and pasting it into another should just simply be there because that’s how software works in 2021.

Apologies for my tone but I see exchanges like this on the forum all the time — an obvious missing feature that every competitor has had for years is pointed out, Shapr responds with “please do unpaid work to illustrate to us why you would need this” and then years of silence go by. It is silly. Obvious needs are obvious.


Hi Dan! Thanks for this and also other inputs you’ve already given on this topic on the forum. I totally understand that these missing functions can be frustrating. Our goal is to develop an application that is better than “all other comparable apps”. We can only do this by understanding even seemingly obvious problems deeply so we can deliver proper solutions. As you might imagine, there are quite a few new features (from primitives to more complex stuff) in development and on the roadmap, and we’re actually working on a solution for this problem – that is why I was asking for examples.
I hope I can provide you with good news soon. Thanks!


thanks! I understand you can’t just stop what you are doing to address any random comment people make, the software development schedule has to proceed at it’s own pace, but I’m just going to continue to make suggestions as they occur to me, as I learn the software and try to build a personal workflow that suits me, in the hopes that the feedback is useful to you developers. I wouldn’t make the effort if I wasn’t already very impressed with your product, it’s so fluid and intuitive! I’m really having fun designing stuff with it, so thank you for all your work.