Improved sketching experience (3.27+) - Your opinion?

Hi, I’m from the product design team of Shapr3D, and I would like to ask what is your opinion about the new sketching experience? Specifically activating the sketch planes with finger double-tap, then forcing all your sketches on the activated plane.

Please tell me what do you like about it OR what you don’t like since 3.27, so we can make further improvements if needed :wink:


Thanx for the improvements I had not seen them until just now. Obviously I’m not using S3d often enough! I have bookmarked this incase I have more to say after getting a good look.


Hi Kapor!
It sounds like a very handy feature indeed. Due to other projects I have not been able to use Shapr3D to test the new stuff out but again, it sounds like a great feature.
Hopefully someone with practical experience of it can give you better feedback. :slight_smile:


This is a huge improvement! So much better knowing that your sketches are forced to the selected plane. (Also like the feature where changing the view away from the sketch plane takes you back to the previously selected plane).

One thought. Having selected a sketch to add to or edit there are times when it would be useful to be able to aline with lines/points off the sketch plane - the greyed out geometry - whilst still sketching on the selected sketch plane.


@WrigleyS Thanks for the feedback and feature idea. We would like to implement in future what you just mentioned. Snapping to the projection of the geometry that is not on the activated sketch plane would be quite handy.

It seemed that the objective was to prevent unintended alterations being made to Planes that were not the focus of attention. Have I misunderstood the goal you had in mind?

Certainly it is not possible to Sketch on Non-Active Planes, but should it be possible to Select - Move - Delete Sketches on the Non-Active Planes?

In this File:

ActivePlaneTest.shapr (108 KB)

Tapping on Plane 01 [XY] to make it the Active Plane, it is possible to Tap Sketches on the other Planes to Select - Move - Delete any highlighted objects.
The above happens regardless of Plane(s) being Hidden.

@Gelphyn yes you are right with the objective. The only reason you can still select elements on the non active plane in this mode is that you might want to quickly check for references (in the bottom measurment info bar) or update some dimensions on the non-active planes while you are sketching. Does it cause any problems for you?

Like most Users I am grateful for the efforts put in to the Development of S3D, this really makes it stand head and shoulders above other Software packages.

Having gained the knowledge that Sketches on Non Active Planes could be altered, it is unlikely that this would have any effect on my workflow.

My Post was to draw attention to the possibility of unintended outcomes, e.g., an accidental Selection on a Non Active Plane in conjunction with concurrent Deletion on the Active Plane could be, at the least, inconvenient?

There are advantages in opting for ‘ready access’ that many Users would appreciate, however it is important to offer a clear understanding of this feature.

IMO it would be best if the User was given the option to Enable Access to Non Active Planes by making a conscious choice, say, by Placing a :heavy_check_mark: in a Checkmark Box.

To add to previous comments another option that I would find useful would be the ability not to just lock out other geometry from the unintended edits as mentioned, but also to make all other things (other than the sketch I have activated) invisible. In a complex model it can get quite difficult to see what I’m doing.



If you look at the shapr. File, ActivePlaneTest.shapr, above you can see my MO regarding the Contents of Items. The Folders for Sketches relate to specific Planes and these are Named and placed appropriately for ready reference and action.
This makes it easy to Hide temporarily anything causing obstruction or distraction.
Could this be the answer to:

Of course even in a simplistic Design you may have to Hide several Sketches, Planes or Bodies, it is not a one click job but it is effective.

I already deploy Hide frequently and would do so as a matter of course for the File mentioned, but the prime object of my first Post was to highlight the possible hazard of a User assuming that everything, except for the Active Sketch, is untouchable.

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Thanks for the email,

Ill let you know after i finished an intense job…


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