Improvements on file management

I’ve been using Shapr professionally on an almost daily basis for about 2 years now, I have so many designs, variations and client revisions that it’s come to a point where the software needs a proper way to manage files.

Folders, sub-folders, ways to sort files (alphabetically, by date). Compared to all the amazing tools, this seems rather simple, and yet crucial for us working professionals, it should be made a priority for your next update.

Thanks for your time
Bruno Werneck


Hi Bruno, folders would be super important to have in Shapr3D indeed. It’s something that we do want to implement at some point of time. I’m wondering if we simply made searching easier, would that solve (at least partially) the problem for you?

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Thanks for the quick reply Istvan, any improvement on how the app manages files would certainly help us. While a hobbyist may have a dozen files, professionals have hundreds. I cannot stress enough how important this upgrade is.

Bruno Werneck


Hey Istvan. Do you have a roadmap for this implementation. I actually stopped using Shapr3d for a couple of year (despite loving the UI), because the lack of filing system was a real let down.

I started using Shapr again recently and surprised that it is still not a thing. Loads of great improvements have been made but it would be amazing to know that you guys have a timeline for this as it makes using it in a professional capacity really tricky.

It seems fairly standard on most apps now that they at least save too iCloud in the background. Although google drive would be amazing too.

Thanks for creating a great app though!


Hi @Jasper1 , I can’t give you an exact timeline, but we find it important. Would a search feature be enough, or do you specifically need folders?

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I fell in love with this program it’s space :heart::clap:t3:

I have - on several occasions (like others) - asked for a way to sort designs. They all have being ignored so far. Like Jasper1 - I have stopped using Shapr3D now because of this lack. If there is no way of organizing I won’t even continue my subscription. I went back on my Desktop-machine and started digging deeper into the version of ‘SolidEdge’ that I can currently use. If I somehow can find a perpetual license of it I would even buy it regardless of what the price tag is - mainly because I NEED to organize my designs (or I get insane). Apart from this, I’m exploring currently all the other available options (Fusion, AutoCAD etc).
Knowing just a bit of the internal structure (basically SQLite-DB - everyone can dig into it) and being a Software-Architect / Developer myself it is even more painful and incomprehensible that a feature like this has not being implemented in the first place. I estimate the implementation would take a few hours.

There is no doubt about it, Shapr3D is a fantastic work and also no doubt about that the people working there are very friendly and helpful. But on this subject I feel a little fooled – I’ve red this ‘we will look into this’ on this subject too often. Instead I see big effort going into (to me!!!) useless features like ‘Visualization’ …

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A search won’t do it, folder is the only way.

Hey Istvan, thanks for responding! Folders are a must for me. It’s pretty crucial when working through large projects, with different iterations of things. We actually ended up 3D printing an old version of an equipment part because all the files show in one place. (Certainly our responsibility, but a filing system would have helped.

Totally agree with you here. There are posts going back to 2019 and beyond with Shapr promising that a folder system was a priority to them.

It’s a phenomenal piece of software but the lack of such a crucial feature makes it pretty difficult to justify using in a professional capacity.

I totally agree that this is a very important feature. We keep receiving hundreds sometimes thousands of feature requests from our hundreds of thousands of users every month. We are trying to deliver as quickly a possible, but sometimes we need to reshuffle priorities. I do agree that we should implement it as soon as possible, but unfortunately it’s not just a few hours to implement.

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Maybe it is as “simple” as better integration with the iPad file system… it is highly desired features for those of us that have many files/topics.

Hi @juanalvareztx , I wish it was that simple, but unfortunately there are multiple technical limitations why we can’t do that.

Thanks Istvan. It makes sense :grin:.

I agree, to start it would be nice to be able to search your designs instead of scrolling for them. Another feature related to this the ability to download the assembly tree into numbers or excel to be able to create a bill of materials.

Sorry for not agreeing - but a search does not solve the ‘mess’ that you have when you create (over the years) hundreds of designs PLUS different versions of (at least some) of them. What will a search do you any good in this case? The only way out of it is a folder structure where you can organize by whatever terms you like. Of course - in addition to that a search would be a nice add-on.

When I complete a new design I save it on our server, because there is no way of searching for a design other than scrolling. This is the workaround I have used for a couple of years now.

So you export it from S3D … put it onto your server … and than delete it from S3D?