In love with sync, but add projects folders please!

:pray: please, please, please add projects structure or a folders option to the designs interface area, to classify our different designs. Beyond a number of projects starts to be a little mess to find a project.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your excellent product


I agree. This would be really helpful as it’s difficult to manage lots of file.


folders really are such a basic requirement, if you’ve got dozens of files related to one project it’s almost impossible to keep them organised, especially since it shifts the list around constantly with each new one you create or open etc.


Even a simple " short by" it will be so useful :sunglasses:

Yes this is a very good idea.

Also the option to import ‘from Design folder’ (without having to separately export and re-import a ‘xxx.Shapr’ file) would be a HUGE time saver for those regularly tweaking/reusing parts.

One of the default folders could also be a ‘Library/Frequently Used/Starred’ folder that appears at the top of the list, again, a huge time saver and something others have requested.

Keep up the good work Devs/Shapr team!

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I have to admit, I lost any hope on that subject. Suggesting this a dozent times over the last two years or so. I have seeing so many (for me!) near-to-useless features coming (visualisation, I keep on using Cadmio), but the basics (folder, simple drawing-aids, progress on 2D-Drawings and so on) are mostly neglected.
Sorry for the ‘bitter words’ …

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