Inability to Display Simple Dimensions

I have a simple 24’ x 26’ rectangle which is a Top view sketch of my building. Pretty simple! I need to be able to take a screen shot with both dimensions. Unfortunately, after trying everything, I am unable.

This seems to be a basic capability. In the prior version, there were too many dimensions but now not enough. To be truly useful for architecture where a sketch is used to build something, the display of a dimension should be user selectable.


Thanks for looking at this.


I have no problem with this.
You need to lock the values first.

Yeah, lock the length and not the points :wink:

@tommyn with the new sketch engine, in 99% of the cases you won’t have to lock your points, because the new engine will move the minimum number of geometry.

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I am only saying this, because I understand that our previous engine probably caused PTSD for you, and now you still want to lock everything, but don’t worry, it’s gone :slight_smile:

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa; LOL.

I was switching back and forth between the two versions a lot so my mind may have been befuddled. Duh!