Intersect Tool - share your experience

I am a member of Shapr3D’s product design team and would like to ask for your feedback on the Intersect Tool. Would be super helpful if you could answer some of the questions below so that the tool is improved in the right direction.

  1. How often do you use the Intersect tool?
  2. Do you usually perform it on multiple (more than two) elements simultaneously, or you prefer intersecting only two elements at a time?
  3. Is there anything you would improve about the tool?
  4. Which other 3D modeling tool do you think has the most comfortable / efficient / clear boolean intersection workflow?
  5. The picture below shows the current logic of Shapr’s Intersect Tool (blue = target body, yellow = operator bodies, grey = resulting bodies). What are the benefits and drawbacks of this logic in your workflow? Would you suggest changing it? If so, what would work best for you?

Thanks for your help in advance!


I know this is kind of an non answer for #1 but I use intersect “as needed” that is not very often, I probably use subtract and union 5-10 times for every time I use intersect but when it is needed nothing else will do.

I’l like to see all boolean tools combined into one tool/icon that would save space as well as be a hint to new users that they all do the same but different.

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I second @Markevans comments.
IMO there are too many tools in the Tools ‘tool bag’ not that I wish to see a longer Main Menu.
Grouping [shown by colour?] with the Groups shown in a list, Alphabetical Order would seem appropriate for both the Groups and their Content.