iOS 11 and Shapr3D version 2.2.6


Will The current production version of Shapr3D (2.2.6 or higher) work with iOS 11 as it is today? Or will and update be needed? If an update is needed will it be release before iOS 11 is released on Tuesday?

I wish to prevent issues if I update to iOS 11, which is likely the day it is available for me to install. Shapr3D is the only iPad Pro app I use so it’s important that it works after the upgrade.


I should note that I am only referring to the production version available in the App Store.

I am not referring to the Beta Version of Shapr3D 3.x.x.


We have tested Shapr3D 2.2.6 on iOS 11 already and it should work fine. I will check it again on Monday (Sept 18, 2017), but don’t think there’s an update needed.