iPad - 4.1.1 - Hotfix for the Hobby subscription

Hi everyone!

Buckle up—we have a hotfix for you. We’re revisiting our new pricing plan and bringing a hot update for Hobby subscribers: You’ll be able to work on an unlimited number of active designs, instead of 10! Go ahead, design your day away.

Head on over to our Manual for updated details about the subscription plan.


Cool. I’ll subscribe when I get through the tutorials. Many of us hobby kids have desktop CNC mills. Still output is worthless. How about a way to output a useful format. STEP in IGES.

I came from a company that is Solidworks bound. I’d like to go back and convert them over as this is much easier to teach to new peeps. Still needs some things like the Hole Wizard,

Last comment, Where are files stored? Lots of my old designs are Intellectual Property and where they are stored is important.

Well, the business sub offers STEP, X_T and IGES export, can create technical drawings, runs on iPad, mac (and soon on Win) and costs 1/3 of the cost of SW maintenance :tipping_hand_man:t3:

We are releasing new features every 2 weeks. Stay tuned! :grin:


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I had to delete the app for the new update to show up for 4.1.1. I had several files locked due to trial ended so I was testing 2 files.

Now with the new update 4.1.1 the files that were locked and 2 files I could test are all deleted and no way to restored them. Any way to restore? Even if they are locked I would like to know if these files are backed up or not?

Oh crap :cry: Yes, we are not storing your files in the cloud because many of our users have IP concerns. We are actually actively working on cloud based backups and sync, but it will be optional. I am really sorry to hear that you lost your designs… this is one of the hard product decisions: a lot of people expect it to work automatically, but for many it would be a blocker issue :frowning:

I have a little tool I wrote to pull the files off the iPad and back them up now. But this is how I expected I could pull it the way all the other apps work where I can just browse to it and put/pull the files down.

I can download backup that way. But it is not clear how I can add them back into Shapr3D

Oh wow this is one of the major things I always look at before making decisions if the app is worth it for the long run. Hopefully this is part of your priorities.

Backup safety of files is a major concern with todays cloud or based files being saved. Having the ability to save a WIP project is comforting that we can continue to work with the files storing them in a selective cloud or local place.

As everyone here is concerned about the changes being made, if a Hobby subscription doesn’t have a way to have back ups file format to keep working then its problem. I could understand all the suggestion being surreal but give us something to really be able to work with.

We all know a project can’t be done in a few hours and export to STL and be done with it even if the files are deleted. My hopes for this is to have the Hobby subscription change to save files and import SHAPR3D format to continue to work with the files at least. This will make the files open in SHAPR3D and no other app or program.

Yes, as I mentioned we are actively working on it.

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@Yepher are you implementing every single missing feature in Shapr3D? :sweat_smile: first the text tool, now this! love it!

Did I mention that we don’t have photorealistic rendering…?


Just stuff I really wish I had. But the rendering thing would be cool. Trust me I tried to decipher the sqlite data. It looks fairly straight forward but would take more time than I have.

But the thumbnail thing is helpful

I am building a little tool that will track changes in a local Git repo I showed in some other thread here. I would like to go from the workspace file to an STL dynamically… Would also really like to geometric comparison to find similar geometries. Testing out 3D euclidean distance at the moment since I don’t think you can count on a constant rotations/scales between exports. To early to tell if that will work at all.

I’ve not tried it because I am scared I can mess up my files… But I think to import back into shaper I just need to zip the workspace and give it the correct extension…

Did I say that I wish that thumbnail file was in the exported file :slight_smile:


Ok saying it out loud (in text) I decided to try… AND… it works!!! :slight_smile. Compressed the file workspace renamed workspace.zip to workspace.shapr and imported to desktop app (since I don’t care if I loose those files) and it was good to go.

So that would be a really easy way for folks on Mac to back up their drawing files, just in case.


Disclaimer: this works now but most likely won’t work in the future, and we definitely don’t suggest to rely on this in the long term.

I was hesitant to ever say anything since I figured once disclosed it would go away sooner rather than later :wink:

I have other tricks :slight_smile:

But, with that said… Since it is so easy to loose your hard worked files by removing the app or a disk space pressure and Apple removes files automatically it seems like an almost critical feature… Hence my search for a solution.

For long term I assume you will give us all a great solution to backup/remote storage.

Hey! I implemented the zipped export. Nicely found! :smiley: We already have mid-term plans that affect .shapr file export, which would complicate or make this impossible. Not because we want to close this opportunity, but mostly because of drawings and cloud syncing.

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It is nice solution. Zipped sqlite is very common solution to the problem.

I assumed you would probably just use the sort of file structure that you already have for drawings and cloud and maybe just map that as a resource file. But yes when you go to Windows somethings will be much easier to do a different way for cross platform support.

Starting in a few minutes… my almost live demonstration of how I back up files from Shapr3D, with an added word of caution that this may not work forever.

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Does this mean that if I subscribe to a hobby plan now, then it will change to the standard plan on March 30 or that the hobby plan will continue as is but be unavailable to new subscribers?

Also will the price change ?

Hi @laurenart!
Our Support team is your go-to for subscription-related questions and details on upcoming changes. Please email them at support@shapr3d.com :slight_smile:

You should check out the privat beta of Cadmio;)

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I honestly would prefer to have a limitation in the amount of active projects that I can have than not having important features that I need as a hobbyist. Something similar to what Fusion 360 provides. I am a hobbyist woodworker and cut sheets and 2D drawings are very important when building a piece of furniture or cabinet. I also would like to be able to store my designs in my Google Drive account.

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