iPad - 4.1.2 - New subscription plan!

Hi everyone!

As promised, we’re refining our subscription model so we can better meet our users’ needs.

In app version 4.1.2, we’re introducing a new subscription plan: Standard. This plan will replace the Hobby plan.

You get:

  • Cross-platform access
  • Unlimited number of active designs
  • All 3D modeling tools
  • Preview and export for Apple AR
  • Import and export images
  • Import and export designs in SHAPR, STEP, IGES, STL, and 2D DXF formats
  • Export 3D designs in OBJ format
  • Colors
  • Basic support

Basically, the Standard plan includes all Hobby features, plus extra import and export options for additive and subtractive manufacturing, at a lower cost than Business.

Head on over to our Manual for FAQs and more details:

We’re trying our best to put together a subscription model that makes the most sense for users, so we’ll keep our ears to the ground.


Yeah, I was about to buy the “Hobby” plan, and saw that the total went up, so I updated the app, and see that it has more unneeded fluff and a $90 higher price tag. This is why I canceled my subscription on my old email. The exact same price hike in 2018 from $150/year to $240/year for things I don’t even need.

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I am sorry to hear that. Please email support@shapr3d.com, and we will sort this out.

This looks great. Thank you for listening!

Someday I hope 2d drawings are included because this seems like something that is useful for small around-the-house projects like planning cuts on sheets of plywood (need to build a chicken coop :)), but I can do those on paper with a pencil like I did before all this fancy computer stuff :wink:

Anyway, not sure what the thinking is on leaving those out, but as a hobby woodworker they are something I might actually use, just as a data point.

Thanks again for hearing our feedback. Downloading and subscribing at this new Standard plan because it has enough of what I need to spend the time learning it (and getting addicted to it shapr3d ).