iPad app unusable due to sync dialog

When I start the iPad app, it displays a dialog to enable sync and the only options are to enable it or switch accounts. I don’t want to enable it and don’t want to switch accounts. The sync FAQ claims it’s optional, please update the app to allow that dialog to be dismissed.


I suspect you see the design linking modal. It’s not related directly to sync, accepting it won’t turn it on. Linking designs to an account isn’t optional, all projects have to have an owner.

Ah ok, thank you!
Re-reading it, I can see that’s what it’s implying now. I’m just returning to Shapr after trying it a couple years ago, and have been working with the Mac app. I was worried about losing data due to the beta nature of sync and the warning to back things up, which you can’t do with the non-pro version as far I can tell. Didn’t want to run the risk of my work on the Mac getting overwritten somehow.