Keyboard Entry for Dimensions

Just got some fancy Bluetooth calipers and was all excited to test them out in Shapr3D to find out i can’t enter numbers on my keyboard let alone with a Bluetooth keyboard device like BT calipers… Any ideas?

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This may help to explain how Dimensions can be entered/changed within SD3:

Shout if you need more help.

Hey thanks, I’m aware of how to enter and change dimensions, I just assumed that keyboard entry was possible when the keypad box was popped up. Is this intentional that you can’t simply type the dimension on a keyboard instead of pecking it in on the screen?

Hi @BloodyShirt, you are correct, so far keyboard input is ignored by the on-screen numpad, but we are currently working on better keyboard support, and will improve this for sure. We will post back here once the change is live.

I am not sure how this will impact your bluetooth calipers, but I am curious to hear your experience after we add keyboard support. I believe many models function by mimicking keyboard input.

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Thanks Seb, much appreciated. Do you have a rough timeline on implementation out of curiosity? Most bluetooth calipers just send the keystrokes followed by a carriage return so I assume they will work after keyboard input is updated.

Does this mean some keyboard shortcuts too?

I love how Shapr3d works so smothly with just a pen and touch. Specially with the upcoming feature in the beta and adaptive UI. With the left hand on the menu and the pencil in the right it works quite good. But sometimes one want to mix it up and have the left hand at the keyboard like I´m used to with autocad. The keyboard shortcuts becomes mucle memory :slight_smile:

@BloodyShirt, no super specific timeline, but you can expect it soon. Hopefully within May, perhaps stretching out to June depending on how a few earlier projects go.

@Vassi_solutions yes, we will be adding keyboard shortcuts, starting with a few common, critical ones, and incrementally adding on more.