Kill button

Could we please implement a Kill Button?

Would be great if we were able to get out of long waits or complex calculations, which often produce irregular unusable meshes or crash the app.

Thanks for your time,
Bruno Werneck


Oh man, yeah. Or like when I accidentally perform a complex operation unintentionally, this would be perfect.

Right now you’re forced to wait it out, only to undo the operation in some cases.


Yes, it would be fantastic indeed, I wish we had it. There are technical limitations why we haven’t implemented it yet. There are certain limitations of what and when can be cancelled in a geometry kernel, and most often the operations that tend to last for a longer period of time can’t be cancelled. This means even if we had a cancel button, it would display something like “Cancelling…” until the geometry kernel reaches a point in execution where it can actually cancel. This was a bit technical, but I hope it makes sense.


I see your point, but even that I consider to be an improvement.

“Canceling…” is better than “Will try this complex operation anyway, probably crash and flush your undo history” :slightly_smiling_face:

Bruno Werneck

I understand, good explanation, thanks.