Let’s talk about the new pricing

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Thank you for the reply.

Decided to post my humble opinion.

I was very pleased to see new Hobby plan. I think it is a long awaited gap filler in price range.
Also I was really looking forward to the appearance of 2D drawing feature. I was planning to upgrade my free plan after release of this feature. You just released this cool feature, also you have a great plan with fair price for hobbyists like me… but unfortunately this plan doesn’t have ability to export drawings.

I totally understand your intention to separate pro and amateur users. I’m sure that development of this feature required a lot of efforts. Also it was one of the main selling points of your new Business plan. The only thing I disagree with is that only pro users might need it. Actually dimensioned drawings are very essential in woodworking. It is very useful to print it on paper, take it with you at workshop and use it as a reference. That is why I was waiting for it so much. It has nothing to do with the complexity of the project or your level (pro vs hobby). DWG or DXF export are not required, just PDF would be fine, so it can be printed.

As for Business plan. I’m here not to judge $500 price tag. Probably it is fine for people who are making money on it. But realistically speaking I might work on 10 projects during a year on my spare time. So each project’s drawing will cost me $50. Wood required by project can cost me less. At least this price tag is not fair in relation to other expenses in the workshop. So Business plan is not an option to me.

Just letting you know, probably you missed hobby wordworking use case during thinking about new pricing policy.


This x1000.

I’ve just seen the new “standard” plan described here (in the Mac section for some reason). I just wanted to mention that this is great news and is quite attractive for hobbyists in my opinion.

The Standard plan has a much more reasonable feature set than the Hobbyist subscription did and it costs the same as my subscription did when I bought it. Of course, I’ll be staying in the Business plan because I’m grandfathered in.

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also 1000% agree with @RuslanZ

i think shapr3d plan features are more suited to 3d printer users rather than woodworkers. i would really like a ‘woodworking’ hobby plan which is basically the current hobby plan but with a good 2d export. that would have me reaching for my wallet. (or just add that to the hobby plan!)

stl doesnt work because the lines of the triangles completely mess up/ignore the lines i made in shapr3d - which may be fine for a 3d printed volume, but no good for woodworking.

as a shaper origin user, svg would be my preferred format, as i think i would be for the folks on these threads:

as of now it’s easier to buy a subscription for sketchup2021 pro, at $299/yr) that will get me a decent pdf export, which i can use an online converter to make into svg.

(for origin users in the same boat, i exported a pdf from sketchup and this tool: PDF to SVG | CloudConvert made an svg that origin could read)

anyway, thank you for your work on shapr3d, its a really good program and has improved a lot in the year or two i have been using it. i hope you can figure out something that will work for hobbyist woodworkers, there are a surprising amount of us!

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Good move!

It wasn’t clear to me that the new “standard” plan is also significantly more expensive than the previous “hobby” plan (about 250€/year instead of 150€). The feature set is attractive, but then that makes it a very expensive subscription.

I hope you find your market still.

@Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D thanks istvan, this is exactly what i’m looking for! will be buying a standard license this weekend when i have some tiem to make sure the dxf output works with origin (via the 3rd party website - is svg support going to be added at the standard tier?)

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Yes, that’s the plan.

awesome! thank you!

Exactly the same case here… I literally missed the old pricing by 1 day… that burns.

The old pricing was really what made it viable for me as I use it so infrequently. I guess there will always be casualties.

Pity as I was really enjoying the app - but something more in the “sketchup shop” pricing tier would be aimed at someone like me.

Great app nonetheless…

Pro user from the get go. Glad I’ll be locked into business for the rest of my tenure as a reward for my early investment, but glad for everyone else hearing this news. This is a much, muuuuch more appropriate pricing structure for the more beginner end of the cad demographic that is your primary market. Glad you guys were able to see the light on this one.


Yeah, I appreciate the original $150 Hobby pricing, and was caught in the “added new features” euphoria before getting slapped in the face with a 60% price increase.

I don’t know what pressures you are feeling to make your product investor-viable, but as a subscription model, you are beating up your users. Perhaps consider a buy-in-for-new-features strategy. Or something…I just got my “financial manager” accepting $150, now I have to renegotiate $239. How long do I have before that number goes to $329?!

I’m not sure it’s clear yet.

I have ten Shapr files. I want to create an 11th file. Can I save the Shapr file in Files or iCloud, delete it on my iPad (now there’s 9) and create a tenth file?

I want to be very clear that I want to be able to save the Shapr file off of the iPad so I can bring it back at some point in the future (honouring the ten Shapr file limit) to continue working in it. I don’t want to export to STL and have to import it later, losing all the Shapr details that don’t make it though the STL export/import process.

Can you be very clear in how this file limit is implemented?

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I am closing this topic, as the discussion here is not very constructive. You can find all the information about the packages we offer here: Prices and Plans | Shapr3D