Materials to build on

So I’ve had a chance to build models with most of the materials in at least one format, in most cases all of them ( for example, polished, rough and brushed finishes), they work magnificently and with the metals the option to change scale gives you some quick cheats to create more visual interest.

Some features I would love to see although they are hardly a game changer if out of reach would be the option to move parts that are hinged or other wise captured while in Visualization mode. I’d also love to have a different colour gamut, some of the hues are kind of gross and things I really want not reachable with that hexadecimal. Again, not a deal breaker because its important that this be recoginzed as a quick visualization tool that anyone can use, not a rendering tool like VRay which is an absolute monster time commitment if you really want to get a finished result. As more materials are added - I would assume the only limits are how much storage do you want to assign to all those texture files - I think a different menu option, one which folds textures into groups and then allows you to scroll those would be much more effective, this is already burdensome and breaks work flow trying to scroll to what you want. A quick fix I have found for that however is Add a cube to your drawing, paint six types of material or their sub variants on it, and keep it off to the side, that allows you to keep a short palette of your materials group at the top of the list. If the pallette kept all that you had tried at the top for the duration of your project that would help, but when I change scale on different surfaces I quickly lose track of which is which. All that said, this is a game changing approach to design and getting oohs and aahs from colleagues who assume I’m staying up all night ray tracing. For design studies, it’s the biggest efficiency boost since who knows when.

Some suggestions for materials I would have loved to have already.

Bronze, polished and rough.
Copper with Patina ( although you can fake that pretty good with a transparent overlay)
Baku style pottery
Denim, like blue jeans
Fabric like the type you see on older guitar amplifiers
Fabric like lycra or nylon
A dense weave, like a cable knit
White metal, like die cast zinc/tin
Red brick, not with mortar lines, just the finish

And because wood is always my first medium even though I use plastic metal and glass every day:

Beechwood, white and red
Oak, white, red and brown
Bloodwood ( Australian exotic that will be close enough to a variety of species)
Douglas fir
Zebra wood

As this program gets more powerful and more complicated, a step back to review the interface is essential, as I am sure the great people at Shapr are absolutely well aware. It’s iterated so much the last few months, it’s practically a new program in some ways. I have absolutely no doubt this is going gain market awareness 10x in the next year. I feel certain that while I’m early to adopt in my corner of the film business, it’s going to be a standard tool box item soon.

This Beta has run smoother than most so called stable releases of my other software. So impressed.