Multiple selection in Shapr3D Windows

… with the mouse It’s just extremely annoying!
Why can’t you do this the way we know it from the pen version?
This is so easy, just click everything you want, if a selection is wrong or too many just click again.
With the mouse you have to press the stupid shift key EVERY TIME, if you forget this the whole selection is gone.
Fustration level 10000! :rage:
It would be as easy with the mouse as it is with the pen.
It could be so easy …

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@Macher I agree. Not intuitive. Which is the opposite of nearly everything else with this, and why I rave about it over every other program.

Most of the time it works with a mouse, but with trackpad often times it won’t register the double click, and so you’re hitting multiple times to try to get it to select.

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Above all, it is depressing when you often switch between iPad and PC:
With the iPad, the finger and pen control is almost perfect, everything fits together and working is fun!
If I switch to the PC, I lose the flow, you get annoyed with this multiple selection, fun turns into frustration!
A lot has improved since the introduction of the preset, it is much more intuitive, but there is really still a setting missing to select the multiple selection as you are used to from Shapr3D, it should just be fun!