New Feature Requests

Love the app and wish to see some other common tools implemented-

  • Would be great to be able to select and manipulate vertices instead of just edges or faces
  • A loop cut feature would be helpful
  • Basic primitive shapes (cube, sphere, cylinder, torus, etc.)
  • Allow symmetry in bodies (choose x,y, z or custom plane and the action you perform is done symmetrically)
  • Link mirrored objects, so if you move one, the linked objects move as well
  • Guide sketches for loft should be live, meaning if you edit the sketch, it should edit the body in real time
  • Slice function for boolean operations (cuts objects where they intersect)
  • Allow patterns/arrays in multiple directions and also along a path
  • Allow rounding corners on sketches (similar to how in Adobe Illustrator the corner radius can be adjusted)

Thanks and God bless!

Hi @spdrx8 , thanks a lot for your feedback, much appreciated. I assume that you are coming from a mesh modeling background, and new to the world of CAD, right? CAD systems follow a different logic and different data model, that requires a different workflows.

Usually in a CAD system you approach modeling problems differently. If you are stuck without these features, feel free to post questions on the forum, and a lot of people are willing to help here to achieve what you want.

You can control the direction of the pattern by dragging its center somewhere, eg. on a line.

What you are looking for in this case is called parametric modeling. It’s a different modeling paradigm, Shapr3D is currently a direct modeling tool. We have big plans with parametric modeling though.

I think you are looking for the Split Body tool.


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@Istvan Appreciate the quick response, yeah I come from a mesh modeling background and know it’s different, but would still be nice to see these implemented somehow :slight_smile: I’m excited to see parametric modeling implemented as well! God bless you guys and keep up the good work!

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