New iPad Pro hardware support


Now that Apple announced the new iPad Pro and its hardware, I was wondering if Shapr3D will function as it does now.

My assumption is that it will since iOS is not changing immediately.

I just ordered a 12.9 inch with 256GB and should have it in about 5 days. Looking forward to the new CPU power.


Shapr3D will run on all iPad Pros. On the old ones and on the new ones too.

There will be 4 supported devices from now on:

  • 12.9" (2015)
  • 9.7" (2016)
  • 10.5" (2017)
  • 12.9" (2017)

You just have to make sure to have the latest version of the app installed (which we will release in a few days) for full compatibility on new iPad Pros.


Great, thanks for the fast reply.

I will wait for the app to be released before attempting to do anything. I anticipate having the new iPad on Tuesday, will wait for the latest version of the app.


I received my new iPad Pro today. Got the 12.9" 256 GB model and Shapr3D runs really fast based on initial testing. Looking forward to doing some modeling when I have a chance to really see the difference from the original 12.9".


Interested to get your impressions, especially if the ProMotion is worth the upgrade from the original iPad Pro!


ProMotion is amazing, and I really hope that Apple puts it in every mobile device they make from now on. The 10.5 iPad Pro is unlike any other mobile device I’ve ever used. I’ve had a lot of them, including the microsoft surface, and the new iPad Pro is by far the best mobile device on the market today. When using a great program like Shapr3d it really shines.