New pricing is live

Hi - As Istvan noted in a previous topic, we have changed the pricing of the yearly subscription from 100$ to 150$, as we will be using a more expensive technology in the background.

As we are nearing the release of 3.0 - next week - , you can already see the 150$ price (in the 2.2.6), which also includes a 2-week trial period ( a new feature we are introducing).

Please note that the trial is 2-weeks long, and is a one-time offer for all subscribers

You can start it anytime from now on, but I would advise you to wait for the 3.0 release, as we will release new PRO-features as well :slight_smile:

Do not mind the price bump however I am waiting on the production release through the App Store.
Do you have an estimated live date and/or will there be some contact from y’all to the old pros?

It’s live, in a few days 3.0.1 will be released with more bugfixes.

We did a silent release, PR&marketig campaigns are coming next week :slight_smile: So shhhhh! :smiley:


Good to hear, thanks.