No alignment tool in Shapr3D for assemblies

Unfortunately, I can’t align these 36 parts sensibly and effeciently as an assembly.
Currently I have to align each part individually.

With every project with several parts I always miss the same function.
The video shows just one example of many.

Greeting Macher

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Hi Pascal, support for multiple bodies in the Align tool is coming on June 27th with version 5.160


Wowwwh…this what I need…I will be patiently to wait….

That’s a big step and a good decision!
I’m really looking forward to it!
Then only 5 other important things are missing and I can use Shapr3D in the company for design at several workstations:

  • wrap/emboss functionality.
  • Drawing derivation (extract details, company logo, etc.)
  • sheet metal function.
  • Axis independent scaling.
  • The Windows version must have implemented all of this.

This is not a complaint, these functions are requested by our construction department because it is essential.

I see that your Shapr3D is always evolving, so it keeps getting better.
Keep it up.

Greeting Macher

Thanks Pascal, makes sense. Lots of Drawing improvements are coming later this year, non-uniform scaling is coming in a matter of weeks. For wrap/emboss and sheet metal we don’t have an ETA yet, but at some point of time we will have both.


Finally! So happy to see this feature coming soon!

Honestly, I know so many people are going to feel like it’s Christmas come early on 27th June!


This problem is now solved with today’s update!
Many Thanks :+1:

Greetings Macher