Not sure what is happening

In an effort to angle my model I tried a two step process but it’s being odd. As you will see it takes a VERY long time to get the right edge to get flush with the bottom edge. I then grab the second edge which shouldn’t affect every other edge… but it does

The issue is, how long it takes to get the shapes to move before the program cuts me off. I had to shake and move the cursor to get as close as possible. I eventually got it flush, but it wasn’t easy. Is it because my 1st gen iPad Pro just doesn’t have the oomf or some odd limitation in the program.

What would you expect to happen when you are chamfering the second edge?

Well from previous experience just bevel that one edge, but then all of the edges bevel. (Which is what I wanted but figured I would need to select ALL the edges not just one.)

I mean when the chamfer overflows, and goes beyond the neighboring faces - I think it is reasonable behavior, but I would love to understand what would be your expectation in that case.

That part was fine for me to be honest. My main issue was how long I took to get the result and how bogged down it was. Is that hardware or software?