Odd Lofts - Is it a Bug or is there an explanation?

In the following the Planes forming each loft were copied from those surrounding the Z Axis, and nil attempt was made to modify any Loft shape by manipulating the Loft Points/Nodes{?]:

OddLofts.shapr (340 KB)

This is the result of Lofting the copied Planes tapping from the bottom upward when creating each Body:

Recreating this and similar Designs always present the Leftmost and Middle Bodies as almost ‘mirrored’ images. The differences between the Middle and Rightmost Bodies are less pronounced in this File. Usually the Face that begins from the Front Edge of the Rectangle is usually narrower on the Rightmost Body compared to that on the Middle Body.

It is appreciated that if a ‘copy’ is required the User could do just that.
However this was discovered while experimenting wirh some faces being Angled to demonstrate how this affected the Shell process:


Hey @Gelphyn - this happens due to the way, we place control vertexes during Loft.

As you have probably noticed during Loft, there is a step, where you have the ability to move vertexes. These vertexes are defined by a strict logic, but, e.g in case of a triangle/circle we can’t predict the exact location. To circumvent the issue, you can move around the vertexes to achieve the same results.

Hope this makes sense

Yes it makes sense Daniel, and I did move the Vertexes to make changes.
It just seemed odd that three practically identical sets of Sketches could produce different results.
The leftmost Body was always the odd man.
There is a lot more to Lofting than meets the eye, but it is still one of my favourite tools.

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