Off topic: iPad Pro Performance comparison

Hi folks,

has someone a direct comparison (if someone owns both) of the iPad Pro 11" 2nd Gen (A12Z Bionic) and the newer one with M1 chip? I just noticed on mine (A12Z Bionic) a bit of lagging when it comes to visualization mode and larger (and detailed) sketches.



The M1 is about 25-30% faster in general, and the bigger memory capacity also helps if you work with more complex models.


As far as I know, both models use the same amount of RAM (8G on models with 512GB or less storage space). And also - as far as I know - per process memory is limited on iPad OS anyways - has this changed for M1 version?

Also, there are tons of reports on M1 devices (iPad, MacBook) randomly/frequently crashing - has anyone experienced this while working with Shapr3D on a iPad Pro 11" with M1?

The memory limit is lifted in iPadOS 15, if the application supports it (we do). The previous limit was 5GB RAM usage / app, which didn’t matter much, as the most you could get was 6GB RAM, as the previous gen maxed out at 6GB RAM, while the M1 has 8 at minimum, and 16 max.

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Been using Shapr3D and M1 iPad Pro for over a year with no app crashes. Runs smoothly with my Apple Pencil.

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Am I reading it correctly? So the limit is completely liftet? And Shapr3d have full access to the 8 and 16 GB ram of the ipad pro m1 ?

Edit: This is from september but it by the looks of it you get full access to 12GB of ram (and 6 on the 8gb) but the remaining 4GB will be a buffer for other things?

Basically we can use as much as the OS let’s us, there will always be some memory reserved for the OS. The 5GB limit is lifted for Shapr3D.