Official roadmap?

What is the reason why there is no roadmap?
Sometimes I think new functions have higher priorities than getting the existing one right?

For me, for example, the following partly basic things are missing in Shapr3 in order to draw all kinds of constructions really quickly, intuitively and efficiently:

  • Chamfers and roundings in sketches for 2D elements
  • Free scaling in X, Y and Z
  • Tool for spiral and helix
  • Input field can be used as a calculator
  • Multiple selection with the mouse as well as with the pen, without the Shifft button!
  • Customizable mouse navigation
  • Customizable buttons
  • Hide selected items
  • Spline control line endpoints symmetry
  • Various things in the drawing process (work in progress)
  • Synchronization of multiple devices (work in progress)

Unfortunately I don’t know (apart from the last two points) if and when this will be implemented at all because of the missing roadmap.
I prefer to know from the start that certain functions are not on your list than to be comforted for months that this will come.
Of course, I accept such decisions without complaint, I am even grateful that I know where I am.

Best regards

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I would also very much appreciate a roadmap, maybe in a kind of “open dashboard”. :+1:t3:

We have an internal roadmap. Our priorities come from many inputs, such as yourself, and others, however each feature request must be measured with quantified demand, and how it fits into the long term roadmap. Certain feature sets, while in themselves are not that complex, can have an effect on the long term roadmap, which could be substantial. We value your input, and I can assure you the many of the features you mentioned will come this year, including sync and non-uniform scaling. Please bare with us, as we strive to give all our users the best and most functional 3D drawing software that exists.


Thank you for your answer.