On Mac better touch pad controls

On my Mac using the Touch pad the way you move and rotate an object is just to Clunky. What I would like to see it the following…
Add Pinch in/out for Zoom to simulate the function on the iPad. MAC can do this. Also, a 2 finger twist to rotate object, and the like. Right now I have to Control + 2 hinger swipe to Zoom, Shift + 2 finger swipe to rotate, and 2 finger swipe to move object. First on the mac there is only one Control key and that is on the left side. So this does not work for a Left Handed person. You could keep these keyboard commands for users that want to use them. But in conclusion I would much prefer the 2 finger pinch n’ Zoom And 2 finger Twist to Rotate similar to the iPad.

Ah, I SEE that you just implemented 2 finger pinch n’ zoom or at least it was not working for me before. But I still can’t 2 finger Twist to rotate.

I’d like to see this too.