Orthogonal view?

I think that is what you call it. I want to select a view let’s say the FRONT view and then I want an easy way to rotate my object so the Front of my object is oriented as the FRONT when I tap a view if that make sense. I am not sure how to better describe the issue. If there is a semi automatic way of doing it let me know. Right now I just tap on the cube for FRONT as an example and use the arrows to rotate my object. Now, here is the issue; not all arrow that rotate the object is the 3D space show up until I rotate my object a little then the other rotation orientation arrows show. I want all arrows for all rotation orientations to show up. This is a little frustrating. Not just to get my part in the correct plane but in general as I rotate me object in 3D space. Another thing is that the Arrows end up being to close to the MOVE Object direction arrows and I can’t select one without selecting the Move arrow instead. So then I end up having to rotate my object a little more until I can select the rotation arrows. I know this sound confusing. Please try rotating an object in different orientations and see for your self. I think if this could be “CLEANED up” it would make this process sooooo MUCH easier. This is something that most users probable overlook because it is not a big enough annoyance to complain about it. Thank You, John


If I understand well, you want the front part of an object to match the Front view, even if it is originally anything else but the Front?

It’s kind of tricky, but not impossible. I’ve been struggling with it as well (if we’re indeed speaking about matching Front view and front part, that is).

Have you tried not using the orientation cube at all, but instead views from the drop down menu (dealing with XY, YZ, XZ as well)?

Pretty certain there’s a simple way out. There are technical “shortcuts” (not like in keyboard shortcuts).

There are much more qualified people than I am, plus I’m coming from an asset-based world, namely gaming engines (Unity, Unreal…), which are not only for gaming, but the way. Creatives from any field use them nowadays.

Regarding rotation arrows and such: do you really need to use them manually (I mean, are you not using direct input as precise values)?

That’s quite a deluge of questions, but I’m interested in what you’re telling, and yes, about everything in this World needs a “cleanup” and simplification.
This “cleanup” (I call it “declutter”, else people think I’m 88-friendly) is a personal quest, so I may sound extreme, but suffice to take an honest look around.

I don’t want and sure don’t need anyone to share my views and beliefs, so don’t get mad at me, chaps.

Back to the topic at hand: Let’s share projects and ideas if you’re up to. I have a pretty clear idea of your issue now that I’ve written about it. Let’s see if we’re talking about the same thing, shall we?

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@Cynd3d as open as any other forum. I trust my bunker-like security levels, but you’re right. Better use direct messaging.