Overasll Slow & upload sync

Hi, I am trying the upload sync feature. Fist, Whjen it is syncing you have to wait until it is done b efore uyou can do anything. I am already getting frustrated because of this. So the syncing needs to be done in the back ground. Over all a simple Threaded Rod design. Trying to just drag Rod to resize object is way slow. I mean that I have to wait at least 10-20 seconds for a simple drag to finish. I am going to try disabling if I can the sync feature and see if that fixed the issue.

Rod-1.shapr (350.5 KB)
Here is the Shapr3D file so if you want to test and see why this is so slow.

Hi John, sorry to hear about your ezperience. Based on the description of the issue it is most likely not related to Sync, but we will take a look. Thank you for sharing the design.

Right I turned off sync and that didn’t help the slow issue o

Hi John!
Could you specify what are you dragging exactly on your design?