Placing a step object into my drawing

I have found a step file of a toilet I want to use in a shower room design. Opened it in a second drawing so I could select all the parts and make it a group. Then I wanted to copy it and place it in my shower room.

  1. I can’t group the large number of selected parts of the toilet.
  2. I can’t place the group into the selected drawing.

I had hoped to build furniture and have a file of things like basins and baths to use again in future drawings. Is any of this possible?

Can you share the .STEP file with me? I’ll take a look at it if everything is OK with it or not.

In practice, it should work what you are trying. We are just releasing the new version (3.0) of Shapr3D this week. That version is going to be more robust with importing files.

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