Preferred Png sizing to DXF and Consistancy

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I am having trouble with opening files that I have converted to DXF and would like to find a good solution. Most originate as a png or svg to DXF……can anyone assist? Is there a target range in byte units that I should stick to for S3D?.

“Operation would result in an invalid curve,”…Originally thought it was because of DXF file being too large. Redrew converted DWG and converted to DXF with older architectural app “Draft Paper’” and they go every time.

Any help is appreciated

Hi, can you share a problematic file?

Good afternoon and thank you so much for the quick response. Of course I can send the file, would you like me to send it with a reply attached to an email through this communication or should I make a public post in the forms?

here at two that would not open, one is a map the other one is a design for the office room.

(Attachment conference_room.dwg is missing)

(Attachment america_united_states_map.dwg is missing)

This started as a jpeg screenshot of a rusted metal frame building off of a stock un -splash image>vectored svg>png>dwg>dfx. Some go in just fine and I can extrude a quite palatable representation of what Im trying to accomplish. In this case the option to auto-constrain appearred with a toggle switch and a blue finished/red stop button along with an error that warned of a invalid curve when attempting import. (891 KB)

Don’t I feel a little foolish, having never responded to a message on this platform it is only at this moment I realize that all communications arrive here…

You’ll notice that the two attachments in dwg format did not arrive, I received a system generated email that they were not authorized. The last one made it in a compressed png

Can you please contact our team with the issue?