Hello, sorry for this question but i m looking for thé price to use pro version, bécause i would like to draw on picture imported.
I just tried Free version it s fun but too short.
I m not professionnal , i just want to use it for pleasure.

But your advertising is not clear…bêtween 36 or 360euros… a year…or for Life!

Could you givre me exact price please?

Another question, Howard to show all thé côtes (mm) beside thé draw?


Which country? It’s probably 36 euros per month or 360 euros per year if you’re looking at the App Store description. There is no hobby license; you’re paying for a professional license. It’s a subscription, so you’ll have to keep paying if you want to keep using it. On a positive note, once you subscribe, you’re grandfathered in at that price. I wish I could have subscribed back when it was $100 per year, but I didn’t know about the app back then and only recently got an iPad that supports it.


You can learn more about our pricing on the website:

I will wait for exact informations, drawing should be a hobby if it s not too expensive !

Envoyé de mon iPad