Pricing Model

I wish these two were swapped… sigh :thinking:

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So are you saying that the Standard tier shouldn’t be entitled to technical support? I strongly disagree.

Okay, then maybe a new tier between “Basic” and “Standard” with… let’s say 10 or 15 designs, but technical drawings and PDF export enabled (I need these two for woodworking). Maybe for 9 bucks a month and maybe without (the planned) sync between mobile and desktop devices. A tier for “ambitious hobbyists” :smiley:

And, before calling the support I always have a look or ask a question in this forum. It’s a very capable community.

What do you think, @Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D?

I’m in the same boat. I’d like to have technical drawings for woodworking and hobby use cases. Maybe there could be features that are exclusive to the Business plan for technical drawings?

Regardless, some version of drawings would be nice in “Standard”.

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