Probably Bug in 5.101

My iPad just updated S3D to 5.101. After that I continued on my work when I noticed, that (especially very small) circles are not round anymore. Plus, they (circles) are acting weird when snapping to other points.

How can I go back to the old version? I urgently need to continue to work on my sketch. It is about a terrace roofing here at our house and we have an appointment tomorrow with the company that is going to build it.

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I don’t think there’s anything actually wrong with the software.

Your circle has a diameter of just 0.01cm which isn’t able to be resolved.

You’ll need to adjust your scale.

I sometimes draw in much smaller sizes … never seen this before.

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Oh! I’ve never needed to draw that small so I just tried it and got the same ‘wobbly’ results. I just assumed it couldn’t resolve such a low resolution.

See here, this is an older sketch, looks perfect with much smaller circles!

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Hey! This is a rendering number representation issue if the curves are small and far from the origin. The underlying geometry is still precise. If you wish to model on this small scale, I recommend doing it around the origin.

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That’s weird. The drawing (circle in question) is ~10000mm away from origin. In a double-representation I would assume that there is still plenty of ‘room’ in terms of accuracy for a circle with roughly 0,1mm in diameter.

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Thank you! I just tried this.

I drew a circle 0.001mm diameter just 50mm from the origin with less than desirable results.

50mm away…

1000mm away cracked me up! I got PacMan vibes here… :rofl:

However, I drew the same 0.001 mm diameter circle at the origin and it was flawless…

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Yes, me too. Never thought that accuracy would decrease with the distance to origin …

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Due to memory limitations (especially on iPads), we use single-precision floats in rendering, but double precision for geometry. It doesn’t mean that we cannot solve this issue without increasing memory usage, but it is not in our short-term roadmap.


That’s (for me) the best answer - thanks for it!

A bit sad though, that this also applies to iPads with more (16GB) RAM (and with the ability to actually request more RAM per app since iOS 15)