Problem with Sync between Ipad to Windows PC

opened up a design on my iPad that was updated to and now the design will not update on my PC and when trying to launch design on PC I keep getting the message “newer version” this design was created in a newer version of Shaper3d. Update the app to open it UPDATE or CANCEL" and when I pick Update a installer activates and it wants to reinstall or launch. it will not give me the latest updates from my iPad. Not to happy with the Sync issues what do you suggest I do to fix this.

look forward to a response.

Hey there! I think I know what the problem might be: 5.230 is still in RC Beta stage, and it might be that you are not added to the beta pool on Windows. Please write an email to and we will sort this out in a few minutes! :pray:

Also having same issue, on iPad it is fine, on the pc it says incompatible design that I can’t open

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still waiting for a response on the “incompatible design” from ipad to Windows.

Thank you

Never mind already got a response back from with the instruction on how to fix the issue.

Thank you for the quick answer, great work

Marci i have been id discussion with Marton at Shapr3d and he add me to the Beta group list and he said updating the windows version should fix all the “incompatible designs” problem but every time i launch shapr3d for windows it does not update or even show any update this is very frustrating because i have the sync on but have updated the design on my ipad and now cannot be opened on windows, can you give me some help please.

Thank you

did the Shaper3d guys ever fix you issue with the “incompatible design” from ipad to Windows. i thought they gave me a solution but it still does not work, let me know

Thank you

Hi, that’s also me :slight_smile: I sent a reply to your email!

Could not help it. I’ve been asked to not be negative here but Shapr in Windows is a massive mess for me. Someone stole my Ipad Pro setup so I can only at the moment use my Surface 7+.

@danno11 have you ever developed anything on Windows? It’s fundamentally a mess.

I have created quite a few designs i don’t think designing on Windows is much more different then designing on the Ipad but i come from using Pro Engineer/Creo for almost 30 years on a computer with a mouse and keyboard. It takes a little getting use to it but i like the idea of being able to switch between the Ipad and Windows whenever needed. here is a link to a reverse engineering design of a Radio I did mostly on Windows. Shapr3D Webviewer

Thank you

Wow, this is amazing, thanks for sharing. :clap:

That’s very impressive work danno :+1:


I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s blindingly clear that I was talking about developing (giving instructions with code), not modeling.

Well, whatever. It’s a forum and we’re not perfect.
Just had to put my stuff into context again.

On the flip side, our little misunderstanding was fortunate: reverse engineering is fascinating, and you’re undoubtedly mastering such a complex thing.

I am Sorry Loki I misunderstood you and I totally agree with you on developing something on a Windows platform can be very difficult. But I do think that the Shapr3d team are doing a good job trying to create a new design software that works with both platforms and that has to be very challenging. I am always looking for new ways to do designing instead of using the standard Cad software ways.

Thank you

@danno11 no problem, no worries, my wording wasn’t very clear anyway … and yes, the Shapr3D team is impressive. Such a multi platform mastery is out of this world!

Keep it up folks!

My iPad App version is, the Windows PC version is 5.280.4509.0
My problem is that the Windows version syncs incompletely with the iPad version. For example, photos imported in the Windows app do not load in the iPad app. The program also struggles with syncing edited bodies. Overall, the seamless transfer of all information between the platforms does not seem to work one hundred percent.

That’s strange, because designs are synced as a whole, not incrementally. Can you share screenshots of the differences on the two platforms?

Hi Istvan

When I went to take the screenshots, the Windows version reported a version conflict. Although I did not make any physical changes on the iPad (just tried the views), Windows recognized this as a new version. I solved the version conflict by keeping both versions, one with the addition “(Win)”. On the iPad, this version was later loaded from the cloud. Then I had die missing parts also on the iPad.

I would like the sync to run seamlessly on both platforms without the version conflict.

Currently even camera changes result in syncing, not just geometry changes, probably that’s why. Did the original problem got resolved?