R/C Helicopter project


Here we have part of the tail rotor Gearbox, along with the rotor shaft and bevel gear.


The tail rotor gearbox is complete and in its approximate location.


And now the tail fin. The only purpose on a R/C Helicopter is to prevent the tail rotor from striking the ground.


Here are a few of the parts that will make the tail rotor change pitch. There are still 6 or parts to model not counting fasteners.

Then there is still the question if I will attempt a canopy, tail blades, main rotor blades and possibly even the motor and exhaust pipe. This is a large model with hundreds of parts and is physically large.


Here is a quick render of it done on my laptop.


Here we have a couple more parts that contribute to the movement of the tail rotor. Next is the tail rotor hub and blade grips.


Here we have some renders of all parts assembled now. This is of all modeled parts to date.


Here we have a short 3 second video exploding the view of the components of the tail control box that I have been working on. Basically it is to show how many parts are in a small part of the model.

Here is a still photo as well.


Thank you for sharing this project. I am finding the process fascinating.
The level of detail in the full renders is amazing.
Please keep them coming.
Best wishes


Nice :slightly_smiling_face: it is


@Paulr @hamedtopic Thank you. I am enjoying the process as well. It’s a huge learning experience for me. And truthfully I don’t believe I would have got there without Shapr3D. It’s this app that got me to understand 3D Modeling. I have put hundreds of hours into learning more and more. And will be exploring animating the projects too.

I still have a few more parts to model. And have some revisions to make. But then I have the humanoid robot to finish too. And of course I have some other ideas for a next project.

The comments, likes and advice is what keeps me going. So I greatly appreciate everyone who takes the time to look, like and reply. It’s a form of motivation.

I also read every post, no matter the topic.


I now have the tail rotor hub and grips modeled. They are in their approximate location. Here are a couple screenshots.


Here are a couple more renders. These may be the last ones for a bit. The project is at the end and has very little planned parts left.

I need to figure out how to model the canopy. I may add blades, both main and tail. And if I am anxious enough or there are enough requests, I may attempt to model the engine and exhaust pipe. I may also play around with some of the parts colors.