Random pop up on iPad asking for input method since latest update

I am constantly getting the pop up to select between trackpad or mouse on my iPad despite the fact that I do not have a keyboard or mouse connected. The timing seems to be random, but often.

This would just be a minor annoyance except there doesn’t seem to be a way to dismiss it. I have to force close the app and re open.

@cbSTI Have you gotten any resolution to this issue. I’m new to Shapr3D and this pops up each time I open a design and attempt to use my Apple Pencil 2 on my iPad Pro. This is literally making it impossible to use Shapr3D on my iPad at all.

It seems to be a glitch for the new hover function for Apple Pencil on the M2 iPad Pro. Turn off hover in settings and restart the app. This should resolves the pop up issue.

@K-Thai Ah, thanks so much for the tip. I turned off the hover feature and that did the trick!

Thanks for reporting the problem, we are working on a fix, and will release it as soon as possible!


Just another confirmation from an M2 ipad user of this issue

M2 IPad Pro ios16.1 Apple Pencil 2
Turned “Hover” off
Hard Restart
Still popping up asking to initialize keyboard/trackpad
Seemingly no way around it
Kind of dead in the water here!

Just turned every option off under Pencil Settings
Seems to be working for now

Just to keep a running account here
After turning all the Pencil options off and it resumed working
After putting the iPad down for a bite
Returning to Shapr3D the Pop-Up is back!
So! Go figure! :grimacing:

The same problem

Sorry all for the inconvenience. The patch release is ready and only waiting for the App Store review to ship.


Fix is out, thanks for the patience!

It should reach everyone who set automatic updates on depending on the App Store, but usually in a few hours, version is 5.241.

To manually update, please follow these steps:

  1. Search for Shapr3D in the AppStore
  2. Visit the AppStore page of Shapr3D by selecting it from the search query
  3. Tap on the Update button to install the latest version.

Turned hover off and works ok but glitch returns even when hover is still turned off.

Please update the app to the latest once it’s available :slight_smile:

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That works!!!

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Just to clarify
From the App Store not Test Flight?
And thanks so much for the fix!

Yes, it’s available in the App Store.

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Got it!

Loving the Hover implementation at first sight
Will see how it works out
Also nice having the Measurements Tool
It would be really nice if the values could be highlighted for Copy and Pasting
Being able to drag values directly into a Spreadsheet would be convenient :blush:

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Thanks for the attention to this and swift work toward a resolution. I had a chance to download and test the 5.241 update and all is working well. now.