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I started to use Shapr3D this week, I’m a hard surface artist (game dev) using mainly Fusion 360 so far.
Shapr3D is way more intuitive than Fusion, and have the only necessary tools I need for my work, instead of having all the engineering stuff that I don’t use at all.

The most important thing so far that I would love to see, is a “quick access menu”, like Fusion when you hit “S”, you can add the tools inside this small menu to save some time. Right now, it’s a bit annoying to always have to click on “tools” then on the tool you want, it’s not taking hours of course, but it would be cool to have that small menu to save some seconds :slight_smile:
The Fusion’s menu looks.
Capture d’écran 2022-06-30 195413

I will keep playing with it and if needed, request something else, but so far, this is the only big thing that I really miss hehe

Quick question, Do you have an official discord ?

Thank you!


Hi @Sebastian8478, if you are using Shapr3D on macOS, Windows or on iPad with a keyboard, typing will open the command search menu. Glad to hear that you like Shapr3D! :slight_smile:

Indeed, but for example, for the Split tool, you need to write “Sp” to have it displayed. It’s look like the same amount of time between clicking on Tools → Split tool or writing SP and select the tool.

On Mac or PC you could get a macro keyboard, spacemouse or a Elgatoo Streamdeck and make yourself some macro shortcuts.
With a Elgatoo streamdeck you could make something similar to my concept:

Or if you really want to burn som cash:

So, you suggest that to “fix” my “issue” I should buy an external tool that cost a good amount of money ?
Instead of just adding a small feature to the software ? :sweat_smile:

I don’t work for Shapr3D. So I can’t speak for them.
Developing new features take time though and they have plenty of features in the pipeline.
So I wouldn’t expect a feature like that this year, but again I wouldn’t know:)

So in the meantime a small investment in å Elgato streamdeck (150-240usd) or even a cheap programable macropad (15-50USD) will solve your issue a lot faster.

Oh yes I know that you’re not working for Shapr3D, and thank god you don’t if every solution you have is to buy an external product :rofl: (joke)

I didn’t see any roadmap of the software so I don’t know how busy they are, just hope this small request will come soon enough.

Although I use shapr mainly on the iPad and tried the mac version very shortly, I agree there could be improvements in accessing the tools, Defcon44’s idea sounds good!

Are you using the adaptive UI? Based on what you select it will automatically suggest you the tools.

Yes I’m using it, it help for sure.

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How do you see the advantage of the quick access menu over the adaptive UI and the command search bar? Would it be even faster?

Yes I’m really convinced the quick access menu would be faster for some tool. The adaptative UI help for sure, but sometimes I still need to click on the 3 dots buttons to see the tool I want. Maybe an improvement of the Adaptive UI could help instead of creating a new menu.

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