Revolve around a path

Hi all, I have a ferrite ring I need to wind wire around to create a transformer, how best can I revolve around a doughnut?

In autocad I can revolve around an object or any route using a path as the revolve axis… can this be done with Shapr3D?


Hi @Gazlabs Welcome to the Forum.
S3D can help create most requirements, provided that you can accept using the features available.
What are you looking for Appearance or Reality?
How much Detail will be required, e.g., Winding Connections to the Power Supply?
Is this a correct interpretation of your requirement, winding a thin wire around a Circular Doughnut:

A neat appearance but not a continuous winding.
These are separate Rings and were copied and rotated round the centre of the Circular Doughnut, it would require 360 to complete and those shown cover 32º.

If a more realistic ‘continuous appearance’ is preferred as shown in the following Link, it is possible to create a 360º Helix and similarly copy and rotate:

This is a Single Winding:

Happy S3Ding.

Thanks, that’s near perfect… the coils may contain three individual coils… this is for illustration…

The information in the Link should enable a good result to be achieved.
Adjust the Sizes appropriately, remembering that the Circumference of the Doughnut or 360º will need to be divided equally so that you are not working to 3 decimal places.
A trial run with a Single Winding may give you an insight into possible pitfalls?

Good luck, if you need help just shout.