Scale in MMs needed

Hi it would be nice if instead of Scaling as a percentage I would like to scale to a dimention. I am trying to scale a Threaded Rod to 67mm. This is very hard to achieve as a percentage. I reaslize that sometimes one would like to scale an object such as 25% scale. Thats fine. But I also need to scale as a MM amount. Maybe you can do it another way but then this is definently going to be harder and more complicated as just having a dialog box where I can type in a mm amount to scale to.


It’s not so hard to calculate:
67:Y × 100 =x%
Goal: 67 mm.
Initial size: Y mm.
Percentages to reduce: x%.

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I am confused by your reply and think I am misunderstanding something. In your equation…
67 : Y × 100 = x%
…what mathematical operation does the “:” refer to?


Ah ha…it has been way too long since middle school math. Thank you!

I never used a “:” for a divided by sign, so there’s no shame in not understanding it. The only place I’d use “:” is in ratios.

I still need to be able to scale in MMs. This is much easier for me. I just want to scale an object up to 203mm from 69mm. That simple. But using the current scaling factor it is not easy. Currently I have to calculate what the correct scaling factor is to get my object to 203mm which is about 8". This could and should be a lot easier if you could add the ability to enter a MM dimension amount along side the scaling factor amount.

I guess I am take D-C/Pi. To get the diameter amount. Then Devide the current amouint by the Diamitor amount I wqnt the new size to be to get a close scaling factor. Then from there keep adjusting Until I get to my actual diamiter dimensions. But there meed to be an easier way. Maybe a built in calculator that can calculate X,Y dimensions to scaling factor and Diameter to scaling factor. Maybe some other formulas as well if anyone needs them. Would work easier to implement.

Check out the… next release. :wink: