Select objects graphicly

Sorry, I selected „Bug“ as cathegory because I didn‘t have another possible selection.
It is more like a desired feature what I wanted to have.

Anyway I tried to select multiple parts graphicly but I didn‘t find an option.
Something like including the desired parts in a square and then do the desired operation. In the most cases it is for deleting parts…

Is there possibly a hidden feature that I did not find ? :slight_smile:

Best regards from Ludwigshafen (Germany)

Hi Francisco, there is no group select tool.
You can select multiple items by tapping on them individually.
A way around will be to sort the Items in a folder on the Items window.
This way you can select all items within the folder at once by simply tapping on the folder.

Hy Victor,
thanks for the quick reply.
That is really a huge lacking feature. I think there are a lot of people out there who would love to see this as a future option.

The problem is, that I am getting huge STEPS without groups and sometimes there a hundreds of little parts as bolts, nuts e.g. which has to be deleted for the next design. It is very time consuming by tapping and deleting. As a BIG BIG BIG simplification would be the possibility to surround the desired parts with a circle or a rectangle and to delete them with on single tap.

I have no influence on the drafts which come to me because they are from side of client so put this please on the ToDo List for the next release and you would make me really happy !!! :sunglasses::+1:t2:

Thank you

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Hi Francisco, thanks for the feedback. We have received similar feedback and this a feature we plan to implement, at the moment there is no ETA.
I will share your feedback with the product team.

Thanks Victor, for sharing my feedback. Have a good week :wave:t2:

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