Shapr3D 2.x.x End of Life Expectancy


With the recent posts from the Shapr3D team about the expected release of Shapr3d version 3.x.x in the near future, is there an expected End of Life / Support for Shapr3D version 2.x.x? In other words when will support end and when will it be removed from the App Store?

This is something I am going to need to know in order to plan out the rest of the projects I am working on or planning to start.


The new version (3.0) will replace the 2.x.x version in the app store after the release. Whoever updates will be using the Shapr3D 3.0. But models created with 2.x.x versions will be compatible with the new, 3.0 version.

So in this sense, support doesn’t end with the new release.

Is this your question?


It does.

So this means I am complete with Shapr3D when this happens, maybe I have to move on now though.