Shapr3D and Shaper origin

I’m new to computer design and CNC. However I’m not new to carpentry and work as a professional finish and trim carpenter. Thus far I’ve done everything in my career using conventional and traditional tools.

I’ve downloaded the free trial version of Shapr3D and have already decided that I will be purchasing a shaper origin sometime in the near future. As I said before I’m new to computer design and cad, cnc so I’m trying to find a system that’s as user friendly as possible.

I saw that for awhile there were some issues getting Shapr3D to upload svg files for the shaper origin but the thread just seems to end without a described resolution to the issues. In light of that I wanted to see what the community says about this:

Are designs from Shapr3D uploading into the shaper origin efficiently now? Are the shaper origin users here happy with Shapr3D?

Thanks everyone

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Hi @Matt80212 Shapr3D->Shaper Origin workflow is fully supported, so even if you run into any glitches, we will fix them.

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