Shapr3D expired - Pro Subscriber


I went to open Shapr3D to work on one of my projects and I receive a message that the Shapr3D Beta has expired and then the app closes. I have paid to have the Pro version. Any idea why this is happening?


Is it possible you didn’t have the official release installed from the app store but rather a beta version that was sent out for testing via Testflight?

At least that is what the yellow dot represents next to the app’s name.

You should donwload the app from the App Store and it should fix the problem.


I was just thinking that as well. I am uninstalling the app and will try a fresh install. It is entirely possible.


You don’t need to delete it. Just go to the app store and update it. That way, you’ll keep all the data and workspaces as well.


I didn’t know that and already deleted it. It is downloading the fresh install now.

Are you stating my workspaces will likely be gone? If so I have lost many weeks of work. If that’s the case I don’t foresee me doing all of it again as I had like 15 workspaces with many parts and projects that had many updates since my last iTunes sync as I rarely use iTunes.


So I just opened Shapr3D after deleting the beta app apparently the app never updated when the full version was released.

I wasn’t aware that it would download and update the beta app, so I deleted the app first and then installed a fresh copy of the app from the App Store.

Unfortunately all of my work is gone. About 50% of what I had for work/updates/workspaces hadn’t been backed up via iTunes and I didn’t save the files elsewhere. So it is all gone, and with the shear number of hours I had into the items I was working on, I don’t have the desire to start all over again.

This is my fault for not backing up. But it is so easy to over look as there are no messages/prompts to remind us like with a desktop application. I should know better being an IT guy.

So I guess it’s back to square one.


So it seems iTunes states that I had WiFi backup enabled and there is a backup from 3 days ago. I am in the process of restoring it hoping that it has what I need. If so then all will be good again.


Turns out the backup that was there contained no workspaces. All work has been lost other than the work that I manually saved back on April 2. So I lost nearly 2 months of edits to the Ferris Wheel Project (there were many changes and edits).

I also unfortunately lost about 9 workspaces which had work that I didn’t publicly share as I was working on a parts line for a Motorcycle Manufacturer who was interested in contracting the designs for potential manufacture and sale, 3 of these designs were near final and the others were more than 50% complete.

This is my own fault for not backing up the device or exporting the files as Shapr files. Lesson Learned.


I want to be sure I clarify my thoughts here.

This topic was by no means to suggest this is an issue with the Shapr3D App or the Shapr3D Team.

My intent of this post was to figure out why I lost access, in this case it was my own fault when I added the Beta App and didn’t update (the iPad was set to auto update but didn’t). Then the removal of the app and losing my work was also my fault as I didn’t do a backup before doing anything.

And more importantly it was my own fault to not back up work that was very important to me. When I first learned to use the app I was backing up with almost every change, but when the app showed that it was stable and not a concern I started backing up less frequent and … Well I just stopped and hadn’t backed up in more than 50 days, which is where my issue is, I should have exported to shapr files like before (lesson learned).

So in short, this topic is to help remind other members of the forums and users of the App to be sure you export to a shapr file or at least backup your iPad to iTunes before you lose data. Backup and do it frequently.


I am really sorry Dennis. We don’t store anything in the cloud, so if you delete the app, your files will be deleted as well. Probably we should offer optional iCloud backup :frowning:


Thank you, however this is my own fault. Being an IT Company Owner who always tells the users to back up their work, I should know better. But I let old habits of getting to comfortable take over.