Shapr3D hangs irrecoverably when the Internet connection is lost

I am using a personal hotspot for my Internet connection. If the hotspot is closed/drops-out for any reason, Shapr3D hangs on the beachball of death and I need to kill the program via Activity Monitor.

Unsure if this occurs reliably, but it appears to be related to the Internet connection drop-out.

Hey! There should be no issue if your internet access drops, Shapr3D works fully offline.

Would you please let us know what device and what version of Shapr3D are you using?

MacOS Monterey 12.5 Beta.

Shapr3D Version 5.180.0 (3642).

I cannot reliably reproduce this issue.

Thanks! There was a related fix in the latest, 5.190 version. Can you please let us know if the update solves the issue?