Shapr3D team asking: Sketches placed on the wrong plane?

Hi, I’m the product designer of Shapr3D. We got some feedback that sometimes during drawing, your sketches get created on a not expected plane (face, grid, construction plane, etc…). I attached a simple example in which I go to “top view” than draw a sketch near a cube’s face on the grid, and than draw an other one directly on the top of the cube:

In these cases where would you expect your sketch to be created, on the grid or the face?

I would be glad, if you could share with me any of your thoughts regarding sketching on the desired planes so we can fix this issue. :wink:

For some reason you have the plane that the box rises out of selected, so anything you sketch that’s not on the face of an object will be on that plane. If you want it on the same plane as the top of the box, double click on that face with your finger an it’ll orient to that plane.

Greetings Kapor,

I’ve come across this situation many times and in various situations including your example. I don’t know if it is an issue or not. In your example, if it is desired to continue sketching on the TOP plane and then you draw a circle on the body as you did, then the circle would be hidden by the body. You can hide the body first then sketch on the desire plane.

Here in this video I took your example one step further. I even gave the body an additional angled surface to see what happens. As you can see, the various outcomes are based on where the start of the sketch is relative to TOP plane or on a body.

Again, I don’t think this is an issue or something that needs fixing,

Regards, Mike

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Greetings again,

Here is a sample problem. I want to sketch on the TOP plane and sketch a circle to a specific location relative to a body. One solution would be to temporarily make the body semi-transparent, sketch everything I need on the TOP plane, move the circle sketch to the desired location relative to the body.


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Sorry I wasn’t clear enough. I know how this works, I’m a designer from the Shapr3D team, and we would like to know if the current sketching on the planes brings any unexpected results. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your feedback. Appreciate it. If anybody has further feedback, please share it with us. Thanks.

Hi Gabor,

My examples were meant to share with the user community, especially the newer users and to visually highlight what might be considered an unexpected result. Yes, I know you are part of the development team and didn’t mean to imply anything. I think I could have been a little clearer from my side. :slightly_smiling_face:

Regards, Mike

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I was half asleep still when I posted that. Not sure how else I missed that part, lol.

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The situation in your video is quite different to previous experiences.
However that situation can be verified correct by replication, although the Grid less surface did not snap my drawn from centre Circle to the Grid that appeared after Tapping.

I have previously found it necessary to do as follows:

Planes, Construction Planes, Faces and ??? [the latter meaning anything else overlooked] all need to be Double Tapped using a Single Finger to activate a Grid on which to Sketch or where it is desired to create a Section View.

In my previous experiences attempting to Sketch on anything similar to the Top Surface of the Cube shown in the Video, without a Grid being visible, resisted Sketching attempts.
I was unaware of any changes and as the Double Tapped using a Single Finger option remains functional it will be used as a matter of preference.

@Kapor_Shapr3D The following is being mentioned because a connection possibility with Planes.
In a .shapr3D File, named 'Alternator for Investigation.shapr’, sent for investigation because part of the Design was switched to Section View [SV] by the SV Icon although the Construction Plane [CP] in the same [or VERY near] location was hidden and certainly had not been Tapped by a Finger. Hiting the SV Icon again restored the Design to normal view.
After File Housekeeping the SV Switch Effect applied to the entire Design now the SV Icon could switch it completely Off or fully On.
Work progressed and by chance it was seen that the SV Effect had moved again to another CP parallel and near to the original suspect CP.
More File Housekeeping and project progress again reverted to the everything or nothing SV Switch Effect.
Both these events seem to be related to CPs?
This is more fully written up in:
Section View - Unexpected Occurrences

and continue in eMails with Victor.

A visual hint indicating on which plane the drawing is being made would help a lot since there are multiple occasions, in free 3D views, when I can barely anticipate where the drawing is taking place.