Sketching Issues

Sometimes I am frustrated by the inability to draw a simple line between two points. Tried everything and finally had to use Offset (single edge) to accomplish.


Also frustrating to get a dimension where line points are showing. For example, wanted to display this dimension but unable.


I had done this sketch as part of a package to submit to the city for additional building approval. Today my daughter asked me for the basic dimensions of this room (her bedroom); I guess she wants to move furniture there. But showing basic dimensions was so exceedingly frustrating that I just started over.


Thanks for listening…



I don’t get it, why can’t you draw a line between 2 points? is it a bug? Can you upload video, when you try and fail to do so? Thank you :blush:
Points do not “cut” lines (currently), if you want to get the dimension between 2 points, select the 2 points and you get the dimension annotation :slight_smile:

ADU Floor Plans.shapr (1.3 MB)
I know how to draw a line. I cannot draw a line between the two points - nothing happens. And the problem is worse than I thought - I cannot draw a line to anywhere from either of these two points. Although a line can be drawn to the points. Shapr file encl…

Useful tip on dimensioning. Thanks



Thanks, we check this

We have investigated this and it’s a performance issue that we are going to fix. (detailed: The moment you start drawing from that point we generate all the snap rules for the whole sketch - because everything is connected - and it takes time. If you don’t lift your pencil and wait you’ll be able to draw.) Thanks for reporting!

I wanted to draw a simple rectangle (in red) to estimate the percentage covered by 250 ft square. But when I try to draw I watch the spinning Shapr icon for a long time.


Shapr file encl… Thanks for looking at this.

ADU Plot Plan.shapr (744 KB)



These performance issues should be solved in the new beta (available in 1-2 hours). Thanks for your continued help!

Looking forward to it. Thanks

fyi it’s live

Got it; thanks.

When I open this Workspace and click on this line, the app crashes. Repeated 3x.


In fact, if I click on any line or even try to draw a new line, the app crashes. I cannot work with this space. Thanks for looking at this…

S3D file encl.



P.S. Have noticed same behavior in some other workspaces. The selected line does not turn blue before the crash. In workspaces with no crash, the line selects normally and turns blue. Sometimes I can Trim a line that I cannot Delete FYI.

ADU H2O, Vents.shapr (1.1 MB)

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Thanks for the report, we will look into it.

The rotate function in the Move/Rotate/Scale Tool appears to be broken for a sketch. Draw a rectangle and rotate about a corner. The interface works but no rotation occurs.

Have screen shots but power is out in our neighborhood today — planned outage. So I can’t send right now. Discovered in complex sketch but reproduced in new workspace with single rectangle sketch.



Can’t sketch at all any more without the force touch to create a spline. Is this deliberate?

Hi Tommy,

can it be in this case that you have a horizontal constraint on the lines(auto-constraint puts that there)?

I ran into this problem many times. If you have a conflicting constraints Move/Rotate/Scale won’t do anything.

Hi Rob - can you please elaborate - I’m not sure I understand

Hi Daniel,

The problem seems to be that the addition of constraints may not be consistent.

For example the Rotate works ok here.


But not for a similar rectangle on a major axis.



Note the additional constraint here. Why? Seems to be a bug or design flaw and in any case if/when this happens, there should be an alert: Constraints may be inhibiting Tool function. Or some other verbiage… The problem is indeed caused by the additional Parallel constraint.



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It’s a bit hard to detect if this is the intended behaviour or not. Eg. when you have a horizontal constraint and start to move a sketch, it’s reasonable to keep it horizontal. However in your case I understand that it is confusing.

I would think that the app should work consistently. In my example, two rectangles, both drawn on the grid, are handled differently re the auto constraint and resultant Rotate function or not.

There seems to be an issue where one can neither Trim nor Delete a line segment.


I used Offset to position a shower drain (I know not very exotic).


This resulted in many segments of the horizontal line to be trimmed. All went well except for the lines touching the circle.


I could neither Trim nor Delete these. After clicking around for a long time, was finally able to Delete. Tried to reproduce in a new workspace with simple example but unable. Went back to original and Trim now worked. I suspect the problem depends on the sequence of clicks, interior and exterior to the main sketch.

I have seen this happen in the past but never reported it as it is not that critical.



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