Solved - Designing alignment feature in Shapr3D

Update from Shapr3d team:
We have just released the new 3d alignment tool feature with the 3.52 app version :partying_face:
This will allow you to simply tap on the body faces to get them snapped together.

Simply update the app and please share your feedback with us.
Here are more details about the feature:


To create the best experience for 3D snapping and alignment, as a product designer of Shapr3d I am really interested in how you do it in Solidworks.

  • What snapping/align features do you use? When and why?
  • What do you don’t like in the snapping/alignment features you? Why?

It would be very useful if you could share your thoughts, thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @GaborV_Shapr3D Welcome to the Forum, I trust that the S3D Team have warmly welcomed you :sunglasses:

Perhaps the ‘Snapping’ problems begin where they are not expected?

Over the recent past I have attempted to bring the following to attention. It was anticipated that others would chime in with their results and hopefully prove me to be wrong. The following has been repeated very many times, the displacements recorded are remarkably similar in all of the recorded events.
Snaps are all switched on. The discrepancies are minuscule and if considered insignificant this needs to be explained.

Sketch a Circle and at least one Radial line to represent the Radius Dimension, size unimportant, but it should centre on the Junction of the X-Y-Z Axis:

Next Zoom almost fully in to the Centre of the Circle, note this will take many spreading actions to achieve the result shown. Clearly the Centre of the Circle is positioned as intended:

Next Zoom to the top of the Vertical Radius Line until the the End can be seen to overshoot the Circumference Line [shown on the right].
Then investigate the point [marked with a vertical line at where I consider the Maximum Diameter is positioned, i.e., 0.042mm to the left of the centre]:

Further Zooming in to the above point indicates the Maximum Diameter of the Circle is less than expected, i.e., the difference between the ‘peak’ of the Circumference Line and the Grid Line, the latter being also the End Point of the Radius Line]:

Regarding Alignment may I suggest you search the Forum because there are several Threads covering this subject. I do not have any experience with SolidWorks and hope other Members will chime in.

Very much looking forward to the outcome of your task.

I haven’t tried the experiment yet, but I wonder whether what you’re seeing could be the result of rounding as the circle is computed.

The most appealing thing to me about S3D was the beautifully smooth 3D Bodies that it produces, it made dropping plans to purchase any of the alternative expensive Licenses a complete no brainer.
I do not expect any software to produce a perfectly smooth Circle or Curve at the Zoom Levels under discussion.
The problem I have pointed to is not the only aspect raised [elsewhere], with regard to expected positioning it applies also to Rectangles formed from Centre or Diagonal. I have not tried Rectangle from Three Points.
Clearly smoothness is not called to account in this situation.

Try the MO for dividing a Circle in to Six Equal Segments, i.e., Sketch a Circle of any Diameter/Radius > Select the Circle > Hit the ✚ Icon > Move the Control Point so that the copied Circle will be centred on the Circumference of the original Circle:

Again copy the First Copied Circle to one of the Intersection Points of the Original and First Copied Circles > Repeat Four more times to complete the task:

Zoom in the, the Original Circle Centre has been chosen in this case, although all Intersections will display somewhat similar results:

Please do not accept my statements and findings at face value experiment/investigate for yourself.

Please excuse the mixture of Spellings, my version of Safari became corrupted following the recent Security Update and I have switched to Firefox. It has taken time to locate and alter Firefox Settings to give prominence to UK English. I am editing spellings in my first Post to avoid confusion.

@Gelphyn this is actually not a snapping issue but a visualization issue. The point is perfectly aligned to the circle, it’s just that at very large zoom levels the rendering is not perfect. So under the hood it’s as accurate as it should be.

Here are two screenshots of Fusion360, you can experience the same thing:

Or same in Onshape:

This issue could be solved, but would be very expensive, and the added value would be quite low.


Thank you very much for the explanation and the examples of other software behavior. Your response is greatly appreciated.
I can now cease being concerned with this non-problem.

Very interesting, @Istvan_CEO_Shapr3Dand @Gelphyn… beyond my needs, perhaps, but not beyond my interest.

As I learned from Daniel(S3D).
It is tessellation issue. Couting well , showing bad😎

Just a litle sidenote and some good feedback :slight_smile:
Not only are you updating the app on a regular basis. Wich is awsome btw. The CEO of the company is answaring questions in the forum on a regular basis. Thumbs up and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Not sure if this really belongs as a reply here but it would seem useful when selecting bodies while zoomed in to get the resolution required to align (snap to ) other bodies, to be able to get the move control located to you current position as otherwise you have to zoom out and then move the move control which seems to default to centre of body to a control point that is useful to accurately move and position the body and then zoom in to effect the move. A lot of time is wasted zooming in and out and accidentally selecting other bodies or deselecting your selection. Not the most sophisticated positioning of geometry being able to add constraints between faces or edges or points on geometry would probably be a quicker more accurate way of getting things done but if for the moment at least we could use the accuracy of a zoomed in arrangement to position bodies without this constant need to zoom in and out that would be excellent. Cheers Steve and great product it really is a pleasure to use.

i love snaps, I generally have them on in autocad, the feature I would love to see is the aperture so I can set the snap grip distance. I sometimes am working on designing a industrial conveyor that “flys” a box truck across a building, and others I am making a 30mm miniature. snap of 1" to 1 ’ vs snap of .001mm

there doesn’t seem to be a Coincidence or Co-linear Constraint

100% on the mark. I have worked over the span of twenty years with ProE - NX - Fusion - Solidworks - solid edge and Onshape. You will encounter in must of them that exact problem.
Like Istvan writes, way to expense to fix for a very small payback

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I tend not to heavily use snap, rather I rely on the dimensions to produce accurate parts. I find it frequently gets in the way of my intent. The guidelines are great though. This package is going to take some learning for me - finding ways to do things, that I currently do. I’m particularly missing being able to set coincident constraints and create reference geometry. Also, I haven’t found any place for variables and equations yet, but that could just be me.
But You’ve definitely nailed it with the overall interface - well done!


Slightly off topic but related. I was watching the video on furniture design, and it occur3d to me that it would be a cool feature if you could design a view where you could define axis and lengths from an imported photograph. Then you could mockup your design in place

And what about alignments of objects? I need simple operations similar to office or pages alignments!
Align left, right, middle, top, bottom, distribute…

Hi, the app does not have this feature currently. You can move the design around the workspace using the Move/Rotate tool.

Also you can place a sketch anywhere on the workspace and then align the body using the Translate tool: