Spline problems

I have two problems with Spline, one general and one explicit only with the Ipad Air latest version.

  • I can’t find a solution how to get the spline control point line mirrored in symmetry.
    That should be possible somehow?
    See video.

  • Despite the “Soft pen pressure” setting, I have to press extremely crazy on the display so that the points are accepted.
    The surface of the display moves inwards, I really have to press very hard.
    The Windows Surface is buttery soft and a lot better.

Are you using a screen protector of any kind? I had a similar issue when using a thicker glass lined one. It stopped after I switched to the Paperlike screen protector.

A different time, I had dropped my iPencil, denting the nib ever so slightly. It caused offset drawing issues and pressure issues. It was corrected after replacing my nib.

Lastly, you can make sure your pencil has a good charge, and see if that helps at all.
Good luck!

Thanks for the answer.
I have no display protection, and since all other applications and apps work well with the pen and the pressure, I think everything is fine with the pen.

Again to the spline control point line, the problem better explained in detail:
I would like to make these endpoints symmetrical too, unfortunately I can only select one point at a time.
Otherwise I don’t really have a symmetrical spline when I change the angles and the length of the control lines.
See photo:

Draw a line down the middle and delete the 1/2 you don’t want and use the mirror function.

Then you can use the tangent and other functions to smooth the design.

The video and the picture are about the steering control line: the angle and the length.
The spline points themselves are already symmetrical, see line in the middle of the drawing.
On the picture are the end points of the control lines, these must also be symmetrical (angle and length) so that the spline is symmetrical.
It looks like Shapr3D doesn’t support this feature.

Here again explicitly what it is about:

In the second video you can see that the spline points are symmetrical, if I move one then the spline point changes opposite.
That’s how it should be.
However, if I change the spline control line (its angle and length) in order to make the spline the way I want, then this does not change at the spline point opposite.
To do this, you would have to be able to connect the two spline control line endpoints symmetrically.
See image.
Unfortunately that doesn’t work, or I don’t know how!

You are right it doesn’t