Suggested feature/change/improvements

  • Parameter-Box movable
    o Reason: when you change the length of a line it happens (when anchors are not properly set) that the change in length changes the wrong side, influencing other parts of the drawing – most at the time the input box hides the relevant part of the drawing makes it impossible to note whether the ‘correct’ side of the line has changed

  • Circle – Parameter-Box allowing radius or diameter (e.g. through checkbox )

  • Translate – allow (de-)selecting specific axis
    o When aligning through ‘Translate’ it moves a body from x,y,z to a new point x,y,z; sometimes this relationship can only be defined for a subset of or even only one axis; it would be nice to have a ‘axis-selection-feature’ (default all enabled) in the ‘Translate’-Tool where we can select in which axis the body should be moved (or in other words: which axis should stay)