Suggestion: A new subscription model for hobbyist/novice users

I really love this app and its easily my favorite one so far. My problem is the subscription model and its cost. This topic has already been discussed but nothing happened yet, and there wasn’t a specific model that was presented so I’ll give this a shot. Obviously, there are many people who are fortunate enough that the subscription cost is a mere pocket change for them. It’s also a fair cost for people who use it professionally or for work (ie, making profit). But I’d love to see a new subscription model for “novice/hobbyist” 3D printer users. I personally can’t justify the cost given that I will design one thing or two every now and then, and possibly modify a “pre-made” model before printing ($29 a month or 239 a year!). It’s nothing that I’ll ever use for work or professionally and there is absolutely 0 profit for me, its just for fun or personal use. Obviously some will suggest to stick with the free version but its almost completely unusable unless your design includes only squares and sharp edges. I designed an egg tray and once exported it at low settings (the only available option for free), all of the oval half shells looked like a bunch of hexagons and therefore its not good for printing/use. I’ll probably sign up for my 14-day trial and export my file once my new printer is here and then I’ll cancel it before it renews.

So, here is my suggested new model: Allow users to have maybe up to 5 or 10 projects, and only be able to import and export images, stl files at high and whatever is native app’s format so that you can share your own projects in between the iPad and the macOS versions. No cloud storage, no support, no colors and any other fancy features or “pro” formats that are listed for standard and business. Thats all what a novice 3D printer user would really need and hopefully they will be encouraged to subscribe. Now, at what cost? For me given what I do, I can barely justify an annual rate of $29 to match current monthly rate (I might argue that it should be less and/or have a once time payment for these limited features). Can this be abused? Possibly but so does the free trials; with these limits in place, I don’t think that many will be able to use it on a larger scale.

In the end of the day I’m not a developer so I don’t really know how viable/profitable is this suggestion. This is my opinion as a user and a potential customer who’s willing to pay some, but just not for what’s currently available.