Sync is fantastic!

A wonderful feature upgrade. I frequently jump between my Mac and iPad and so far the new sync beta feature is working really well.


Now all that’s missing is the Winows version and end-to-end encryption.

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Is it open to all beta testers? I still don’t have it

We are gradually rolling it out. You should have access soon.


I have it syncing on my IPAD currently, but my windows app has no options for sync? Is there a windows beta testing version of the app or is it just a waiting until it gets added?

Sync for Windows is still a work in progress, but it won’t be too long from now.


thank you for the reply, this is hands down the best portable cad experience ive ever had!

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So great to hear that! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately things are getting into wrong direction - at least for me (and admittedly - it might be ONLY for me!). The visualization-feature is (again: for me) not usable because I cant stand the ‘screwed up’ colors in drawing mode. Sync feature is not usable because I have a personal policy that no document is stored outside my house. I have spent a little fortune to accomplish this, huge NAS systems with multiple backups, big servers that runs 24/7 (of course this is all part of my occupation).
The fact, that the sketches (all) are stored in one single file (database) makes it impossible to use well implemented tools like git or svn.
As I wrote in a earlier post, Shapr3D is a wonderful tool, maybe the best for my needs. But those bitter pills (again: for me!) are not deniable.


Hi @SteSchmi , I have good news, for users like you we designed Sync to be fully optional. You can completely turn it off, and keep storing your designs locally.

@Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D I have to agree with @SteSchmi. I am in a similar boat, I have invested years of time and thousands of dollars into setting up my own services on my own home servers, and at work its not even optional.

Most of our customers are US-DoD so we either self host or pay insane prices for things like AzureDoD or AWS with Department of Defense Cloud Computing Security Requirements. Needless to say as a small manufacturer we self host, and lock it down tight, and even that cost us quite a bit and around 8mo to go through the entire NIST 800-171 and other DFARS guidelines.

So please, on behalf of other people in a similar situation, as well as those who just simply don’t want their data in the cloud please give us a self-hosted option while you guys are still early enough to implement it from the start.

There are so many options for this, I’ve seen several people mention using Git for version control and collaboration, Theres always WebDAV, or Minio for block storage, MariaDB for SQL databases. OR you could do what some companies like Bitwarden do and release your server component as a simple single docker container.

It wouldn’t cost much if anything to allow this, and in fact you could easily turn it into another source of revenue. Release the sync server component as a docker container, you’d still have to have an active subscription to use it just like Bitwarden does so your not giving anything away for free. For home or SMB users make it very clear that by self hosting your own server you only get “community support” and just simply setup a “self hosted” topic in the forum. Where you can actually turn this into extra revenue is with businesses, give them the option of paying extra for support if they self-host.

There are several companies that do this very successfully. Bitwarden, and OnlyOffice are 2 that come to mind. You are free to host your own server if you want, but your on your own for support unless you pay for a support agreement, and you still have to have an active subscription to access the premium features.


@cbSTI , just like today, you’ll be able to export your designs to .shapr format and save it wherever you want.

I don’t mean to be rude … but your last two comments (‘Sync fully optional’ and ‘able to export’) are a bit like a slap in the face …
I’m positively sure that cbSTI, me and many other users are aware of that. But that’s not a solution. We all want to sync - but not necessarily this way. And, many many of us would prefer to use a version control system. You keep on ignoring this - and I keep on saying that from a developer point of view I do not understand this position. Using sqlite as a base gives you any option to ease this pain. You could easily split this one big DB into multiple small ones, e.g. one as a dictionary and the others for the drawings. That would solve a lot. This way we could even implement our own syncing. But maybe - just maybe - this is exactly what you don’t want …


I probably don’t understand what you need. The SQLite database is an implementation detail that we don’t want to expose, as it might change over time. If I understand correctly, you’d like to have direct access to the designs as binary blobs so that yoy can use git or a cloud service to sync them as files? Is this correct? Why do you prefer this solution? Is it due to privacy concerns? If we had end to end encryption, would that be a solution? If we had version control built in to Sync, would that help?

I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but at a bare minimum I’d be relatively content if Shapr3D could directly open a .shapr file and save directly to that file.

As of right now if I want to work across my MacBook Pro and my iPad, which I do multiple times a day. Then I have to export a Shapr file, browse to my WebDAV folder, over write the old file, go to the other device, browse to the webdav folder and import the Shapr file. Then I need to make sure I remember to export again or my data will be out of sync if I open on the other device.

However if Shapr could at least work on the .Shapr files directly then I could do some work on my desktop it’ll automatically save like it always does. Then I can grab my iPad open the Files app, tap the file and pick up right where I left off. This is how Affinity Photo does it, it’s not perfect, but it’s a decent compromise. WebDAV is so easy to work with it could probably just be implemented straight into Shapr3D on the iPad without much fuss if you wanted to, if not then just adding Files app integration would be welcome.

But yah for a lot of people it’s about privacy, and for some of us it’s a requirement. I have customers that would pull their contracts with my company if they learned I was storing designs that belong to them in “the cloud”. In a situation like that it doesn’t matter how “safe, secure, or private” your cloud may be, I’m the one whose going to pay the price if something happens. So to be able to keep our data on our own servers is critical for some people.

This is part of why We didn’t give Fusion360 a shot, it’s cloud only and we had to get “approval” to use it, which would have required tons of paperwork and about 8mo to even get an answer. In the end it’s much easier, faster, cheaper, and safer to just use our own servers.

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Would those customers pull the contracts even if we had end-to-end encryption?

An end-to-end encryption would be sufficient for our company with ISO and QS certification and also for our customers to use cloud.
However, with the possibility to save all files (Shapr3D drawings) in a location of your choice on our company network.

Otherwise, Shapr3D will always be a private CAD that I use unofficially for business from time to time.
PS: Provided you can individualize the company logo as well as the drawing header for drawings.

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I think end-to-end encryption is a must and would serve most well. I would also recommend being able to select which designs get synced. Currently it’s either all or nothing. That way, if you have that top secret design you don’t want on the cloud it will only stay local. Users can then sync those files however they want. Granted, a few more steps involved, but doable. From a development point of view, I understand why Shapr3d is sticking with their own cloud sync. So long as we don’t have to pay extra down the road then I’m fine with them hosting the sync service. Less headaches for them.

Will there be acces s to pc as well ?

Yes, it’s work in progress. :slight_smile: