The item list improvement suggestion

I have to say it is kind of inconvenient to open and close the item list. I wish you could make it swipeable so the user could just keep hands where they please and open/close the list with a simple swipe of a thumb.

I was thinking the same thing. Either a double tap on the menu with the pen, a swipe or even put the X at the bottom as it’s easier and more intuitive I feel since the other buttons are down there already.

There is a button there👍🏻

Hi there.
Would be awesome when we import a drawing to be able to draw easy with apple pen and not having to use curve.
Also beiing able to export in gcode would be awesome.
Cheers and thx like this soft.

I would like to be able to move the view and make selections normally while keeping the item list open

Hello - you can do that by using the pin icon on the bottom left. When the Items manager is docked, you will be able to make selections, etc.

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